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Choosing a Photo

The artwork will be crated based on your photos and specifications. These one -of -a -kind portraits are created on premium materials with attention to the finest details.


I work from high quality photographs. Digital photos are preferred but I can work from hard copy photos, if that is all you have. You may also scan your photo and email (though hard copy photos will be returned with your artwork.) If you scan them, please select a setting of at least 300 dpi, 600 dpi if it is a small photo.

If you have multiple photos that you would like merged into one drawing or painting, please make sure they are similar in quality.


Please note: If the photo is blurred or difficult to see, that will affect the final product.


Expect a Portrait to take 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the media you choose. Oils may take up to a year from when I receive your order.

The portraits in pencil, pastel, and watercolor are executed with the highest quality materials on an acid-free archival art paper.  Acrylics and Oils are executed on gallery wrapped canvas.
















NOTE (portrait commissions) Due to size constraints as well as aesthetics, there are restrictions on  size / number of face combinations. Prices are for a "basic" head & shoulders portrait. For more of the body/scene, please contact me. PRICES ARE IN DOLLARS. TO CHECK FOR OTHER CURRENCIES PLEASE VISIT


For more than one subject, for larger sizes or different media please contact me.

5.5" x 8"  / 14 x 21cm       $195

10" x 12"  / 20 x 30cm      $195

12" x 16" /  30 x 40cm      $220

14" x 20" /  30 x 50cm      $260

16" x 24" / 40 x 60cm       $350

20" x 30" / 50 x 75cm       $550
24" x 34" / 60 x 85cm       $600

28" x 39" / 70 x 100cm     $700


For more than one subject, for larger sizes or different media please contact me.

5.5" x 8"  / 14 x 21cm       $393

10" x 12"  / 20 x 30cm      $505

12" x 16" /  30 x 40cm      $583

14" x 20" /  30 x 50cm      $695

16" x 24" / 40 x 60cm       $820

20" x 30" / 50 x 75cm       $920
24" x 34" / 60 x 85cm       $1020

28" x 39" / 70 x 100cm     $1300


The depiction of physical energy on the paper and the disturbing of the paper’s surface are other ways to bring the drawing to life.

A wonderful characteristic of graphite that is usually overlooked is the versatility: graphite is very useful in mixed media, allowing use of pastel (oil & chalk), charcoal, pen, etc. on top of the surface. It can change depending on the support used. Usually executed on paper, it can also be done on sanded paper, canvas, gesso board, on smooth or rough surfaces lending each a different look and feel.

Pencil portraits

The excitement of blending pastel, watercolor, ink, collage and other water based media is one of the most addictive forms of expression.

Today, Pastel paintings have the stature of oil and watercolor as a major fine art medium. Many of our most renowned living artists have distinguished themselves in Pastel, and enriched the art world with this beautiful medium. Pastel is not colored chalk, which is a limestone substance. Pastel is pure pigment-the same pigment used in making all fine art paints. It is the most permanent of all media when applied to a permanent ground and properly framed. There is no oil to cause neither darkening or cracking, nor other substance or medium to cause fading or blistering. Pastels from the 16th Century exist today, as fresh and alive as the day they were painted.

Pastel portraits
EARLY MORNING HUNT _ Maria Gibson.jpg

The beauty and uniqueness of watercolor lies within its properties, each containing characteristics not found in any other painting medium. Colors so transparent they visually appear to glow on the paper, while others deposit sediment into the hills and valleys of your paper. The advantages of watercolor lie in the ease and quickness of its application, in the transparent effects achievable, and in the brilliance of its colors. Aquarelles have a delicacy difficult to achieve in oil and are equally flexible, lending themselves to immediate expression of a visual experience. Their handling demands considerable skill as overpainting of flaws is usually impossible. For me, the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolor make it the most exciting and expressive medium of all. The opportunity to meander somewhere between mastery and complete lack of control during the course of a painting make it one of the most engaging mediums.



Watercolor portraits

Acrylic can modify. The appearance, hardness, flexibility, texture, and other characteristics of the paint surface by using acrylic media or simply by adding water.  Acrylics have the ability to bond to many different surfaces, and media can be used to adjust their binding characteristics. Acrylics can be used on paper, canvas and a range of other materials. Acrylics can be applied in thin layers or washes to create effects that resemble watercolors and other water-based media. They can also be used to build thick layers of paint—gel and molding paste media are sometimes used to create paintings with relief features that are literally sculptural.


Acrylic portraits

For me painting portraits in oil is a kind of hypnotism: one looks in such a way at the model, that he comes and takes a seat on the canvas.

My oil portraits are executed using the Flemish technique, also called "old masters". It is a long and complex process where the colors are built in layers of glazes, with each layer more detail and richer colors are achieved.


Oil portraits
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