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Learn About Maria

I am completely self taught, I have been a professional since 1998" 

 I am a self-taught, artist and illustrator, with a keen interest in detail. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising in Lima, Peru.


In recent years I have been focusing on my artistic skills and broadening my interest in different subjects such as Wildlife Art, and Pet Portraits. I have developed new techniques to create accurate and detailed paintings that will fulfill an understanding of nature and create curiosity in the minds of anyone that is eager to learn the beauty of life and nature.


I am also active in several genres and mediums in a variety of media (Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylic, and Oil). My love of painting reflects my interest in fine detail and has allowed a satisfying and natural extension of my compositional style.

"The process of building up, altering, editing, destroying and rebuilding allows a painting to develop a life and momentum of its own.

As the artist, I become almost an spectator, watching, judging and coaxing as the painting slowly comes to life".

Looking for unique original art?

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Maria Gibson Artist

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